Mini coffee factory

Coffee beans in INNOENVAS coffee roaster's cooling tray

Our mini coffee factory delivers increased automation and a streamlined workflow: Roast, Grind and Package your coffee with ease.

At INNOENVAS, we’re passionate about coffee excellence. With over 40 years of experience, we’re not just experts in processing and packaging technology – we’re innovators. We continuously research and develop cutting-edge solutions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our focus is simple: Your success.  We understand that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in coffee. That’s why we offer customized systems tailored to your specific needs.  Whether you require individual machines or complete turnkey projects, we deliver integrated solutions that optimize your coffee journey, from bean to cup.

We believe in building trust, and that starts with quality.  Our systems are meticulously crafted using only the finest materials and components, sourced from world-renowned brands.  This commitment to excellence ensures long-lasting performance and a return on investment you can count on.

MINI COFFEE FACTORY: Roast, Grind, Package

Even though we call our mini-factory mini, it doesn’t mean that your production has to be  small. Whether you’re launching a new business or expanding your current one, a mini-factory delivers increased automation and a streamlined workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most – crafting delicious coffee.

Our mini coffee factory at our YouTube-channel

Components of the mini coffee factory

Below we will list our components that make up the mini coffee factory. The essential equipment:

  • Coffee Roaster
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Semi-Automatic Weigher and Bag Sealer
  • Transport Systems and Feeder

Coffee roasting

At INNOENVAS, we believe every coffee roaster deserves the tools to create exceptional coffee. That’s why we offer a variety of high-performance coffee roasters to suit various production needs. Whether you’re starting small or scaling up, we have the perfect roaster to fuel your roasting passion.

Our INNO-PRO line roasters are designed for professional coffee roasters who demand uncompromising quality and precise control. These robust machines boast a variety of advanced features, allowing you to achieve consistent, exceptional results every time. Our smaller models in the INNO-SHOP (PRO) line share the same dedication to premium components and functionalities as the coffee roasters  in INNO-PRO line. 

Whether you prefer the traditional artisan method of roasting or want to have a fully automated way of working, we have a solution for you.

Coffee roasters

We have different lines for roasting coffee. Our INNO-SHOP and INNO-PRO lines are designed to roast pure coffee and can be integrated to an automated coffee production line.

For more information on our coffee roasters, click the link below:

Coffee grinding

Coffee grinders

Our range of industrial grinders is highly durable and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing coffee roasting production line.

For more information on our coffee mills, click the link below:

Packaging and Transporting coffee in our mini factory

With our semi automatic equipment you can streamline your packaging process. Our weigher accurately measures your coffee ensuring consistent portion sizes. It frees up valuable time previously spent on manual weighing. Our bag sealer delivers a clean and professional finish and the seam is always controlled and consistent. The bucket conveyor and the auger filler reduces the time spent on transporting the coffee manually from one place to another and is always made to measure. They also help to keep the product flow consistent.

  • Streamline your packaging process
  • Boost your operation’s efficiency
  • Improve consistency and quality

Weigher model ESI-1

Designed for complicated products in grain and ground. Weighs and doses product semi automatically starting from pre-made containers.

It is composed of a linear weigher with electronic control and easy to use. The product to be packaged is transported to the weighing device, weighed and then dosed.

It has synchronization signals with the packaging machine (if available) and multiple weighing programs for different memorized products (optionally can be equipped with printer output, production statistics, etc.).

A man operating and filling bags with semiautomatic weigher model ESI-1
Variety of granulated products
From 10 to 15 discharges/min*
* The final production will be determined by the product to be packaged

Auger filler model ESI-2

Feeding system used for all kinds of powder products.

Screw conveyor and stainless steel hopper with agitator blades to ensure correct fluidity and homogeneity of the product avoiding the formation of lumps.

Dosing auger built in stainless steel driven by servo motor system which enables user adjustable auger speed as well as acceleration and deceleration ramps through the general control touch screen of the machine. High dosing precision.

Powder products
From 10 to 15 bags/min*
* The final production will be determined by the product to be packaged

Continuous pouch sealer ESI-3

Equipped with a double traction system for bags, to facilitate proper transport and closure. Conveyor belt is equipped with an electronic speed variator that is synchronized with the sealing head. Temperature regulation is done through a temperature controller that corrects temperature deviations. Adjustable height and closing pressure for different pouch materials and formats. 

Semiautomatic weigher model and bag closer
Pre-formed heat sealable bags
From 10 to 15 bags/min*
* The final production will be determined by the product to be packaged

Transportation system: bucket elevator

Modular bucket elevator prepared to transport coffee beans from a point of origin to the desired destination (made to measure for every need). Specially designed for the transport of fragile products. Methacrylate housing.

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