Complete coffee factories

Our comprehensive coffee factory solutions provide everything you need to start and run a successful coffee production business, from green beans to roasting and packaging. With cutting-edge technology, customization options, and expert support, we’ll help you bring your vision to life.

Crafting the perfect cup starts with a well-designed coffee processing plant layout. At INNOENVAS coffee factories, we design our processes to suit the product to be handled. Coffee bean is a brittle product, and the different steps of the production process change the way it should be handled to preserve its’ quality and flavor profiles. We collaborate closely with each customer to design every step of the process and make recommendations of the preferred workflow to ensure that you will in the end have the best possible product for your customers.

This ensures your complete coffee factory optimizes the beans’ potential, ultimately leading to exceptional coffee for your customers. In essence, we don’t just provide equipment – we partner with you to create a personalized coffee processing plant solution that empowers your success.

Centralized automation of the coffee processing factory

At INNOENVAS, we offer a complete range of components to set up an automated coffee processing factory. Our advanced equipment allows you to streamline the entire coffee production process from storage to final packaging. With centralized automation, you can have complete control over every step of the process with a single computer.

Centralized automation allows you to use all the data and control the process in every step from the control room. For example, you can finetune your roasting process in semi-automatic mode. The system will learn your process and it can be fully automated later with your preferences.

The system automatically generates reports on the status of all the equipment in operation and visualizes the production reports.

You have access to the current status of all the sensors, instruments, solenoid valves and motors throughout the installation. The management software incorporates a comprehensive warning and alarm system that informs you of any incidents that occur during the production process, consequently generating a maintenance report. Incidents are registered with relevant data.

Our software includes remote connection to INNOENVAS headquarters (with your prior consent). We want to help you to resolve any questions or incidents that you may not know how to handle.  This service is offered completely free of charge for those customers who have acquired the option of total automation and who have a broadband internet connection at their facilities.

Components of the Complete coffee processing factory

Below we will list our components that make up the complete coffee factory. Our line covers every step of the coffee production process, from green bean coffee storage to coffee roasting and packaging. We have solutions for each step for transporting, mixing, and storing coffee.

Green coffee storage

Green coffee storage comprises of a set of 8 silos, total capacity of 56.000kg. Under the silos there is a mobile scale on rails for automatic loading of the coffee roaster(s) with automatic pneumatic transportation system for the coffee beans.

You have two options for controlling the process: you can use the control panel in the green coffee storage section, or you can opt for centralized automation and manage everything from the control room.

Coffee roasting and grinding

Coffee roasters

We have different lines for roasting coffee. Our INNO-SHOP and INNO-PRO lines are designed to roast pure coffee and can be integrated to an automated coffee production line.

In addition we have Torrefacto Coffee Roasting Machines (, the coffee bean is glazed with sugar, popular in Iberian Peninsula and Latin America). For those looking for a more affordable option, we offer INNO-BASIC line, without the option for automation.

For more information on our coffee roasters, click the link below:

Coffee grinders

Our range of industrial grinders is highly durable and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing coffee roasting production line.

For more information on our coffee mills, click the link below:

Roasted coffee warehouse and mixing

Transportation system: bucket elevator

Modular bucket elevator prepared to transport coffee beans from a point of origin to the desired destination (made to measure for every need). Specially designed for the transport of fragile products. Methacrylate housing.

Grain roasted coffee warehouses

Set of two groups of warehouses of 4 departments with a capacity of 800/1000 kg per silo. The total capacity of two groups of silos of 4 departments is around 8,000 kg (final capacity will be determined by the degree of roast of the coffee beans). Filling ramps to avoid coffee breakage during the filling process. Capacity levels and valve status registers in each silo.

Rotary mixer under storage silos of roasted coffee beans as part of the coffee processing factory

Rotary mixer for 120 kg of coffee

Roasted grain coffee mixer for mixing roasted coffee beans, with a capacity of 120 kg/cycle. Alternative direction, in other words, the other direction mixes and the other unloads the coffee. Two scale hoppers, with digital display to run mixtures from four cells. Powered by gearmotor and traction system using wheels covered with rubber to avoid noise during operation.

Rotary mixer connected to storage silo of roasted coffee beans as part of a coffee processing factory

Storage for grain and ground coffee

Storage silos for roasted coffee beans. Capacity of 800 to 1000 kg/unit (the final volume determined by the degree of roast of the roasted coffee). Min and max load level in each silo shown with light indicator.

Coffee bean storage silos and rotary mixer and grinder as part of a production line in a coffee factory


Our packaging machines are designed to meet a diverse range of packaging needs with a high level of technology. With a wide variety of models and innovative designs for various product types and formats, our machines offer versatile, robust and high-performance packaging solutions. We tailor our packaging lines to the specific needs of each client, providing interesting and exclusive design ideas with a focus on quality.

Our range of packaging machines include 100% automatic models:

  • Vertical packaging machines
  • Horizontal packaging machines
  • Stickpack packaging machines
  • Capsule packaging machines


In addition we have semi-automatic machines for weighing, filling and sealing pre-formed bags.

For more information on our packing solutions, click the link below:

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