Wide variety of coffee roasters for every need

Coffee beans in INNOENVAS coffee roaster's cooling tray

Our industrial coffee roasters

Our smaller models in the INNO-SHOP (PRO) line offer the same full functionality and components as the bigger industrial coffee roasters in INNO-PRO line. Whether you prefer the traditional artisan method of roasting or want to have a fully automated way of working, we have a solution for you.

We take great pride in our technology. The roasting process re-circulates an abundant amount of hot air through a special drum made of perforated stainless steel sheet. Our technology ensures that the coffee bean is always wrapped by hot air at all times, with minimal contact with roaster’s metal parts. As a result this process  guarantees the maximum purity in the roasting process and superior coffee quality.

Our coffee roasting technology is manufactured with the highest quality standards, always using the best materials in the market and high quality finishes in all components, purchased from the world’s leading brands.

Our smallest coffee roaster side by side with our biggest one.

A photo showing our smallest coffee roaster (TNS-2000 PRO) side by side with our biggest one (TNP-600 PRO).

Inno-shop line

The natural coffee roasters of the INNO-SHOP line, is designed for the high-quality roasting of coffee. Our roasters produce premium-quality coffee batches, therefore making them ideal for coffee roasteries, shops, laboratories or batch sampling.

The INNO-SHOP line models are not automatic unless the PRO version is purchased. With the PRO version, you get technically advanced automatic coffee roasters, similar to INNO-PRO industrial roasters. As well as fully automatic mode, you can also use these roasters in semi-automatic or manual mode.

For all customers purchasing an INNO-SHOP PRO model, we offer free online technical service (excluding spare parts). We are committed to helping you quickly resolve any technical issues and assist you with operational questions or incidents. In addition, note that we do not charge yearly license fees for the INNOENVAS management software.

Coffee roaster models from the INNOENVAS Inno-shop line
Available models
Batch 2 kg
TNS-2000 PRO
Batch 2 kg
Batch 8 kg
TNS-8000 PRO
Batch 8 kg

See our coffee roasters in action!

Inno-pro line

Our INNO-PRO line (pure coffee) produces high-output, premium-quality coffee on an industrial scale.

This line is fully automatic, featuring a high-performance industrial PLC that can fully automate the operation of the equipment. Our roasters can be operated 100% autonomously, following roasting recipes for each coffee bean type. The coffee roasters also support a semi-automatic or manual production mode, depending on your preferences.

We provide our coffee roasters with great governability and easy handling. Our management software is developed to be intuitive with a simple graphical interface. You can monitor the roasting process and general operation of all systems at any point. Additionally, all data from the roasting process and relevant graphical presentations are stored. Also, note that we do not charge yearly license fees for the INNOENVAS management software.

For all clients that purchase an INNO-PRO line model, online technical service is totally free of charge (spare parts excluded). We want to help you to resolve technical issues quickly and are here to help you with any incidents or to clarify operational questions.

TNP- 300 PRO industrial coffee roaster
Available models
Batch 25 kg
Batch 70 kg
Batch 140 kg
Batch 300 kg
Batch 600 kg

See our industrial coffee roasters in action!