Coffee grinders

Unlock Perfect Grind: INNOENVAS Industrial Disc Coffee Grinders

At INNOENVAS, we’re your trusted partner for commercial and industrial-sized disc coffee grinders. Our robust and compact grinders seamlessly integrate into any coffee roasting production line, delivering unmatched precision, efficiency, and consistent quality.

We take pride in crafting each coffee mill using the highest quality materials, drawing on our 40 years of experience. Our commitment to innovation means we constantly develop new solutions to meet your evolving needs. By assembling and producing everything under one roof, we ensure strict quality control and flawless operation for every grinder.

Experience the INNOENVAS Difference:

  • Grind size customization: Achieve the perfect grind for espresso, drip, cold brew, and more with ease.
  • Unmatched consistency: Our precision disc technology guarantees uniform grinds for exceptional flavor in every cup.
  • Built to last: Invest in durable and reliable equipment designed to handle high-volume production demands.
  • Seamless integration: Simplify your workflow with grinders that seamlessly integrate into existing or new production lines.
  • Expert support: Benefit from our decades of industry expertise.
  • Cool under pressure: Our innovative air circuit cooling system ensures optimal grinding temperature, preserving the delicate flavors and aromas of your coffee beans, maximizing quality and consistency for every cup.

Coffee grinders

Our coffee grinders feature ten different adjustment points, providing uniform and homogeneous coffee grounds for all types of coffee. It allows you to adjust the position of the grinding discs very quickly and accurately without the possibility of error.

We have developed a grinding technology using discs with specific serrations in order to achieve the degree of desired ground. The grinding disks are manufactured in thermally treated hardened U12 steel.

Additionally, our grinding discs are cooled with a closed-air circuit, either individually or as a unit, depending on the model.

As a result, this enables our coffee grinders to be used continuously in a production environment. The coffee is not heated during the grinding process, ensuring consistent quality.

Coffee mill model MFI-600
Available models
Production from 150 to 200 kg/h
Production from 300 to 350 kg/h
Production from 500 to 600 kg/h
MFI-1200 PRO
Production 1200 kg/h
Please note that the final output volume of the grounded coffee depends on the roast of the coffee bean and the degree of the grind.

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How To Choose A Coffee Grinder?

Grinding point system close up from the coffee grinder

Things to take into account when buying an industrial-sized coffee grinder.