Our passion for coffee leads to great technology

At INNOENVAS, we’re passionate about empowering your coffee journey, from bean to cup (and everything in between). With over 40 years of experience, we’re not just experts in processing and packaging technology – we’re innovators. We continuously research and develop cutting-edge solutions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for coffee and other products.

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in today’s coffee industry. That’s why we offer customized systems tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require individual processing machines, complete packaging lines, or turnkey projects, we deliver integrated solutions that optimize your entire production process.

We believe in building trust, and that starts with quality. Our systems are meticulously crafted using only the finest materials and components, sourced from world-renowned brands. This commitment to excellence ensures long-lasting performance and a return on investment you can count on.


INNOENVAS was founded in 1984. The company headquarters are located in Polinyá, 20 km from Barcelona in Spain. During the first years the company focused on packaging and in the end late 80’s INNOENVAS started to manufacture coffee roasters.

Currently the company is divided into two units, one manufacturing machines for processing coffee, cocoa, nuts and other products, and the other designing and manufacturing automatic packaging machines for all types of packaging.

innovación envasar

Spanish for innovation
● a new idea, method, or device
● the introduction of something new

Spanish for package
● the act or process of packing

Innoenvas products throughout the years


To ensure the long life and proper operation of INNOENVAS products, we assemble the equipment only from the best components on the market. All the manufacturing takes place under one roof.

We want our products to last. All our suppliers need to meet our quality standards. Therefore we analyze all the products in our facilities, subjecting them to quality tests.

Our company is characterized by good and close customer relationships, as well as high-quality service in all projects, since its establishment.

We have achieved a leading market position in the Spanish market and expanded into international markets. INNOENVAS is present on every continent through local representation. We also attend trade fairs every year.

Innoenvas staff members inspecting the quality of a coffee roaster part
Coffee roaster part being lifted in an industrial hall with a crane

Committed to the environment

The best way we can act to reduce the environmental impact is to improve our products every day. Our goal is to achieve zero emissions.

In INNOENVAS we consider the emissions during all phases of the lifecycle of our products, from manufacturing to the end user.

All waste generated in the manufacturing process is sent to recycling facilities according to current legislations on health and safety.

We have a recycling service for our old machines. We reuse the components that still meet our quality standards and restore older models to resale.